About us

Meet the team and find out about what we do that makes us stand out

Driving Change, One Impact at a Time

We are Gratitude Global, and we believe in the transformative power of collective action to address the world’s most pressing challenges. Founded with a vision to bridge the gap between organisations, individuals, and impactful causes, we’ve created a platform that turns aspirations for a better world into tangible actions.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to make giving and social responsibility accessible, meaningful, and impactful for everyone. We partner with a diverse range of NGOs, aligning them with businesses, sports clubs, gaming communities, and enterprises keen on making a difference. Our innovative approach includes EarthScore, a unique certification system that ensures transparency and effectiveness in our NGO partnerships.

At Gratitude Global, we’re more than just a platform; we’re a community of changemakers. We believe that everyone has a part to play in shaping a sustainable and equitable future. Join us in this journey of gratitude and impact, where your contributions, big or small, create ripples of positive change worldwide.

We’re on a mission to make a positive impact, and we’re putting our money where our heart is! When you choose Gratitude, know that 10% of our net profits are dedicated to a cause close to our hearts – our contingency fund. Here’s what we’re championing:

Empowering Underfunded Projects

We believe in the power of dreams, and with your support, we're channeling funds into underfunded projects that deserve a chance to shine.

Tackling Global Climate Emergencies

Climate change is a battle we can't afford to lose. With your help, we're actively contributing to initiatives addressing global climate emergencies, working towards a sustainable and greener future.

Investing in Eco-Friendly

Innovation is key to a brighter tomorrow. Your choice to be part of Gratitude is a step towards supporting investment in eco-friendly technology that promises a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Join us in this journey of positive change – where every purchase is not just a transaction but a step towards a better, more compassionate world.

Meet the founders

Craig Taylor

Founder & CEO

Craig is a down-to-earth sustainability and conservation champion with a rich background in various business scales, from corporate giants to sprightly startups. At his core, Craig is a sustainability strategist, shaping policies and driving corporate strategy with a keen focus on growth in sustainability, environmental education, and finance. Known for his knack for building partnerships and devising creative solutions, he has a proven record of boosting both profitability and brand recognition across diverse industries. His approach is all about forging genuine connections and elevating company profiles on a global stage. A true innovator, Craig embeds sustainability into everything he does, making a lasting difference for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Emma Osterbery

COO & Beneficiaries Manager

Emma is a force for positive change in our world. Her commitment to the planet goes beyond any job description; it's a deep-seated dedication to leaving Earth in a better state than she found it. Emma's days are filled with learning from global conservation experts, and absorbing successes from the field to bring real-world insights to her work. In the complex world of economics and environmental restoration, Emma understands that clear direction is essential. At Gratitude, she's focused on educating and engaging influential figures, those who have the power to drive significant change. Emma believes firmly in the power of positivity; she knows that optimism is the key to rallying support for our cause. Under her guidance, we're charting a course towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Emma takes pride in being part of a team that's not just envisioning change but actively working to be part of the solution.

Embrace the power of our charities, seamlessly intertwined with the entire spectrum of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our impact resonates across diverse issues, spanning six continents and encompassing every ocean on our planet.

From safeguarding endangered species to championing the cause of sustainable living and helping local communities, your donations are catalysts for tangible change. Merge your values with our unwavering commitment and become a driving force in forging a sustainable future for all. Your support is the cornerstone of our collective endeavor to make a lasting impact on the world. Join us in reshaping the narrative and championing a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a reality.