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Fusion Farms

Fusion Farms​

PROJECT: The Future of Farming – Helping combat crisis effects on food production
LOCATION OF IMPACT: Global – based in Puerto Rico
PROJECT COST: £100,000
Imagine a world where a huge variety of globally produced food could be grown organically using renewable and sustainable methods, at a local level, involving local employment, available all year, protected from the negative impacts of nature that result in crop devastation and without harmful plastic packaging or a carbon footprint of its transportation. It’s already happening with Fusion Farms.

In countries, cities, and communities that don’t have an established agricultural sector and, consequently, rely on imported food to feed their populations, such as Puerto Rico, Controlled Environment Aquaponics can offer a sustainable source of healthy, nutritious food. Locally grown, this produce is rich in nutrients and has a much longer shelf-life. In places where the climate is harsh or prone to frequent extreme weather events such as hurricanes, Controlled Environment Aquaponics can provide a lasting, reliable solution to food shortages.

Building and managing farm operations will not only provide food, but much needed jobs.

Controlled Environment Aquaponics or CEAq truly optimizes the use of resources, such as water, energy, space, capital, and labour, to grow just about any commercially viable crop and fish, making it a sustainable farming solution for any community in the world.

Here in Puerto Rico, the struggling economy, infrastructure, power grid, and agricultural challenges make it clear, now more than ever, that the island needs to establish its food sovereignty. Fusion Farms has paved the way for food security and for the island to feed itself, we now want to give that opportunity to other areas struggling in the fight against climate change and hunger.