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National Biodiversity Network Trust

National Biodiversity Network Trust​

PROJECT: Nature Data for All – Data hosting and maintenance
If you love data, please support our work to make data work for nature. We already provide the vital evidence for nature’s recovery, but together we can help reverse the UK's biodiversity crisis so that we will once again see nature thriving everywhere in all its diversity.

Without the NBN Trust, much of the UK’s biodiversity data would remain unseen, unknown, and unused. But we don’t work alone – partnership is central to our mission. We connect more than 200 organisations, large and small, through our National Biodiversity Network: a dedicated community of people passionate about wildlife data. Working together, we create a vast flow of data carrying the evidence needed to protect and restore biodiversity.

As well as donating to the NBN Trust, you can also get involved by recording wildlife. You could even start today! If you use iNaturalistUK, one of the world’s most popular nature apps, it will help you identify the plants and animals around you. You could then see your own data as part of the evidence that is restoring nature, through the NBN Atlas. Our data portal has more than 200 million records of over 50,000 UK species and is the UK’s largest repository of publicly available biodiversity data. How amazing is that?!