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Orangutan Land Trust

Orangutan Land Trust

PROJECT: Gardeners of the Forest
LOCATION OF IMPACT: Borneo, Sumatrun, Tapanuli
PROJECT COST: £100,000
The Mission of Orangutan Land Trust is to enable sustainable solutions for the survival of the orangutan in the wild. We do this by supporting local teams on the ground to secure, protect and restore critical orangutan habitat. Such efforts include community and stakeholder engagement, fire-prevention and fire-fighting, patrols, planting of trees and creation of wildlife corridors, and the rescue, rehabilitation and release of displaced or at-risk orangutans. We also commit ourselves to contributing to global solutions, vis a vis ensuring that those industries that most threaten the survival of the orangutan transition to sustainable practices which do not cause deforestation, habitat loss or loss of biodiversity.

Orangutan Land Trust have supported amazing local NGOs across Borneo and Sumatra to deliver long-lasting and effective solutions to ensure the long-term survival of the orangutan in the wild.

From securing forest for the release of rescued and orphaned orangutans, to creating new forests in degraded areas by planting thousands of native trees and restoring peat-swamp forest, we are helping to provide safe habitat for orangutans. 

Wildfires present a huge risk to orangutans and their rainforest habitat. This is why a large portion of our funds goes to fire-prevention and fire-fighting activities, which includes educating farmers and communities, as well as training and equipping patrols to respond quickly to outbreaks. We’ve also recently supported the establishment of a wildlife rescue centre in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, and a new camp headquarters for conservation researchers in Central Kalimantan.

Orangutan Land Trust deliver on global solutions for the survival of the orangutan through their advocacy work for sustainability in the palm oil sector.

With the conventional production of palm oil causing devastating impacts on orangutans and their habitat, we work with growers, small farmers, communities, governments and the wider value chain to ensure that palm oil is produced under strict sustainability guidelines. We have been instrumental in creating the global standard for sustainable palm oil against which palm oil producers are audited. We have also created PONGO (Palm Oil and NGO) Alliance which brings together scientists, conservationists and growers to provide corridors and habitat for orangutans and other wildlife in fragmented landscapes in Malaysia and Indonesia.

We believe that by demanding only sustainable palm oil, we can all play a part in saving orangutans.