Charity Project




PROJECT: Forests of the future – Reforestation and ecosystem restoration
LOCATION OF IMPACT: Brazil Amazon Rainforest
Millions of km² of forests have been lost in Brazil and around the world. RAIN brings back the forests via a network of local projects reforesting, regenerating and rewilding degraded land.

The Atlantic Forest is an incredibly diverse and important ecosystem. It has lost 92% of its original forest cover and is home to endangered species of wildlife and trees. The deforestation has resulted in rivers and springs running dry. They’re vital for local communities who rely on the water for drinking and growing crops.

Our objective is to reforest the area in the Mantiqueira region, bring the springs back to life, and to recover rare tree species, native fruits, palm trees, hard trees and trees that are missing in the forests and degraded lands. This will also create habitats for wildlife and pollinators including bees.