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Ranger Lab

Ranger Lab​

PROJECT: Equipping wildlife rangers – Providing critical support globally for performance, dignity and morale
LOCATION OF IMPACT: Global, land, marine and altitude
RangerLab is a high-impact charity working across land, marine and altitude environments, equipping wildlife rangers to protect nature throughout the world. This project focuses on how wildlife rangers protecting some of the world's rarest species have the best quality equipment to keep their morale and performance as high as possible at all times. By supporting their work, you'll help ensure the very basics for nearly 500 wildlife rangers are covered at all times.

We aid performance by ensuring that basic personal equipment and goods are high quality and fit for purpose across the full spectrum of wildlife ranger requirements

We ensure dignity for wildlife rangers through the provision of basic personal hygiene and healthcare items such as feminine hygiene products and dental kits.

We boost morale by investing into rest and recuperation support items such as pool tables, darts boards or solar device charging systems for wildlife rangers to relax after tough days in the field.

Credit: Cat Vinton

Credit: Behzad Larry