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Restore Forest

Restore Forest

PROJECT: Urban Reforestation – Miyawaki Mini Forest Planting
Restore Forest use an ancient technique. Private individuals, corporates, Local governments can give back unutilised land to nature. Using a min. of 100m2, rapid positive results 20x greater than that of traditional forestry planting methods is achieved. Trees grow 10 x faster this way with a 90% survival rate as opposed to 50% in other methods. Help Restore Forest return land to nature.
Credit: Collection of photos from Dr. Akira Miyawaki, Afforest, IVN
Credit: Restore Forest

Using this ancient and proven technique Restore Forest work through a network of private individuals, corporates, Local government etc to give back land to nature.  This opportunity is open to anyone identify a suitable planting location. A minimum of 100m2 is required but that can be the backyard of your home, the courtyard of your school/university, a free space in your city or the side of your company building…

The forest is planted with help and support from Restore Forest. Rapid results are achieved with positive effects on biodiversity greater than 20 times that of traditional forestry planting methods. Trees grow 10 times faster this way and have a 90% survival rate as opposed to that of 50% in other methods. This allows cities, urban areas and unconnected unutilised space to be given back to nature for us all to enjoy and restore our planets health.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons