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UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum

UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum​

PROJECT: The fight against invasive species – Restoring island ecosystems
LOCATION OF IMPACT: Global NGO – Project location Montserrat
Nature is waiting... Our research is suggesting that native plant species are waiting in the soil and can grow but are not being allowed to because of the dominance of one or two invasive species.
Invasive species are said to be one of the biggest threats to biodiversity on Earth. Help join the battle to control and manage them to restore ecosystems which are most vulnerable, small islands.

Most small islands, such as the UK Overseas Territories aren’t visible on the world map, yet they have species which are found nowhere else on earth. There are 14 all over the world and they hold around 100,000 native species, 300 of which are thought to be endemic species restricted to a single location.

Help us to protect rare forests and land which is rich in wildlife and resilient to changes in climate we all face.
Our work involves:

On small islands, you can have a big impact on global biodiversity because of the number of species only found there.

We want to battle invasive species and restore island ecosystems. This will enable us to:

Credit: Nicolas Tirard
Credit: Catherine Wensink
Credit: Dr Mike Pienkowski