Earth Score

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The EarthScore Model

Creating Impact Together

Our EarthScore framework evaluates NGOs across various criteria, including sustainability, alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), financial stability, and more. We provide a transparent rating system that helps customers identify the most impactful NGOs for their specific causes. EarthScore revolutionises philanthropy by promoting trust, transparency, and positive, lasting change. Join us in reshaping the future of giving with EarthScore.

For NGOs

EarthScore is a game-changer for non-governmental organisations (NGOs). By obtaining an EarthScore, NGOs gain a powerful tool to showcase their dedication to sustainability and effectiveness. It boosts their credibility, making it easier to attract sponsors, partners, and donors who seek assurance that their contributions will make a real impact. EarthScore empowers NGOs to focus on their missions while we amplify their reach and support.

For Customers

Choosing NGOs with EarthScore certification is a smart move for our customers. It ensures that your contributions are channelled toward organisations committed to the same causes as you – it also provides transparency, accountability, and real-world results. With EarthScore, you’re not just making a donation; you’re investing in projects that deliver genuine, measurable change. It’s philanthropy with confidence, knowing your support is making a meaningful difference.
We’re deeply committed to wildlife conservation and protecting the incredible biodiversity that makes our planet unique. Our partnerships with wildlife NGOs play a vital role in safeguarding endangered species and preserving natural ecosystems. We help fund projects supporting wildlife habitats, anti-poaching efforts, species conservation. By choosing Gratitude, you directly contribute to these critical wildlife conservation efforts.