Employee Impact Scheme

Empowering Impact

Gratitude’s Employee Impact Schemes revolutionise corporate social responsibility by empowering organisations and their employees to create a lasting impact together. Our unique schemes offer an exciting way for companies to engage their workforce, make a difference in the world, and foster a sense of unity among their teams.

Gratitude’s Employee Impact Schemes allow companies to align their corporate values with meaningful actions. By participating in our schemes, you can:

Enhance your corporate social responsibility efforts

Strengthen your reputation as a socially responsible employer

Attract and retain top talent who value social impact

Create a positive company culture centred around giving back

Forge deeper connections with your employees and communities

For Employees

Unleash Your Impact Potential

Our model offers employees the opportunity to be catalysts for change:

    • Engage in exciting, purpose-driven projects that align with their passions
    • Collaborate with colleagues on meaningful initiatives, fostering team spirit
    • Develop new skills and experiences through hands-on involvement
    • Experience a sense of fulfilment by making a tangible difference in the world
    • Join a community of like-minded individuals committed to creating positive change

For NGOs

Unlocking Support Beyond Financial Aid

Gratitude’s Employee Impact Schemes bring a unique dimension to NGO partnerships:

    • Access a pool of dedicated, skilled, and motivated volunteers.
    • Collaborate with organisations that are genuinely committed to your cause.
    • Receive a wider range of support, from skills-based volunteering to fundraising.
    • Expand your network and visibility through corporate partnerships.
    • Achieve more significant and sustainable impact on your target beneficiaries.

Imagine employees from diverse backgrounds, departments, and skill sets coming together to address pressing global challenges. Gratitude’s Employee Impact Schemes make this vision a reality, fostering a culture of shared purpose, collaboration, and positive change within organisations.

Join us in transforming your workforce into a force for good.