Charity: Coral Reef Alliance

Project: The fight against coral bleaching and disease

Project Cost: 20,000

Charity: BluePrint for All

Project: 1:1 mentoring – Supporting individuals from under privileged backgrounds

Project Cost: 0

Charity: Born Free

Project: Guardians of DJA

Project Cost: 250,000

Charity: Diversity Role Models

Project: The Path to Inclusion - Creating a world where everyone can thrive

Project Cost: 10,000

Charity: ESPA

Project: Protecting Eswatini’s rhinos from poaching

Project Cost: 75,873

Charity: Fusion Farms

Project: Helping combat climate crisis effects on food production

Project Cost: 100,000

Charity: How Many Elephants

Project: Elephant protection – Bush Babies Vehicle Purchase

Project Cost: 5,000

Charity: Jaya Mental health

Project: Metal Health Support

Project Cost: 10,000

Charity: National Biodiversity Network Trust

Project: Nature Data for All – Data hosting and maintenance

Project Cost: 25,000

Charity: Rain

Project: Forests of the future – Reforestation and ecosystem restoration

Project Cost: 10,000

Charity: Ranger Lab

Project: Equipping wildlife rangers – Providing critical support globally for performance, dignity and morale

Project Cost: 30,000

Charity: Restore Forest

Project: Urban Reforestation – Miyawaki Mini Forest Planting

Project Cost: 80,000

Charity: Shark Trust

Project: The Ocean Campaign – Protection of the Oceanic sharks

Project Cost: 500,000

Charity: UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum

Project: The fight against invasive species – Restoring island ecosystems

Project Cost: 60,000